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Hello and welcome to Access Out There.

The first report from Access Out There was published in November 2014 so we are now starting our 5th year. We were out there at College Lake near Tring for that report which was published here on on the 20th November 2014. We identified a number of good and bad things about accessibility on our walk around the reserve showing them in pictures and film. We also showed some of the nature and scenery which we had gone to see. Having published it we wrote to Beds Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) who manage College Lake and were delighted by their response. In later visits we could see that the issues we had identified were all addressed.

College Lake

This demonstrates what Access Out There is all about.  Our aim was (and still is) to go to places out there, report about how we got on. In this way we can show people what to expect when visiting places out there in the country and encourage them to go out there themselves whatever their level of mobility. Where we find accessibility issues we aim to refer the problems to the organisations responsible for the location so they can do act on them. We also praise them for accessibility positives.

We are Di and Richard (with Titania his rather grandly named wheelchair) and we enjoy getting out into the fresh air, seeing interesting places and going for walks to experience the flora and fauna and scenery out there in the countryside.

We aren't intrepid explorers armed with ropes, crampons and hard hats, but we have been going out with Titania to see how easy or difficult to get around out there . We have a  GoPro camera mounted on Titania to help us record the ease or otherwise of the terrain, as well as ordinary cameras and nature books to capture and record or identify interesting things we come across, difficulties or obstructions encountered, or simply a magnificent view or any other vision  which may have rewarded our adventurism.


Even after our 4 years of excursions, Titania is still going strong and the trips have been made easier since we bought a FreeWheel which has made a wide variety of surfaces on the paths and trails easier to trundle over.  We still encounter all sorts of issues like muddy paths, thick gravel, long grass, troublesome gates, narrow bridges, very steep slopes, and steps or logs which need to be navigated; where we do Access Out There will tell you about them.

In the years since that initial report we have added another 23 locations to the website. You can view them all if you visit our places out there page and follow the links.


We have tried to include a variety of different days out there with different points of interest.  While doing that we continue to concentrate on the Access Out There - good and bad.  Most importantly we want to encourage everyone to get out there because you will be able to manage out there one way or another and you will have fun!


So why not forget the problems and challenges we all face and motivated by Access Out There go out there and enjoy yourselves.

If you like numbers then:

In the 24 Access-Out-There reports we have

Written more than 30,000 words,

Published 720 photographs

And 72 video clips varying between less than 1 minute in length to just over 8 minutes (yes we know that one was too long)


There have been

Over 16,800 visits to the various pages of the website

The most visited pages over the 12 months were

Attingham Park with 482 visits

College Lake with 187 and

Henry Moore with 183.



We still have a number of reports in the pipeline - there is still a bit of a backlog.  So coming up in Access-Out-There you can look forward to seeing among others:

Ardentinny in Argyll and Bute;

Eskrigg Nature reserve in Lockerbie;

Birmingham Botanical gardens;

Cliveden in Buckinghamshire;

And many more ...

So go ahead and like the Access-out-there page on facebook and keep visiting to see the new places we visit. We hope and trust  it will be a good read, fun, interesting and even inspiring you to get out there yourself, seeing places and things you may not have thought you could get to, while avoiding some of the pitfalls we struggled with.


Remember ...


what we write reflects the experiences we had on the day we went to visit wherever it is out there, and what we write is our own view of the accessibility or otherwise of that part of out there. Hopefully this will be useful to you but you may have different experiences when you go. If you do please write to us and tell us how accessible it was from your point of view.


We would love to have more feedback from you ..


What do you think of our reports? How could we improve them?


Do you find the time to watch the video clips? – The number of views of these clips are far (very far) fewer than the page visits.  


Most of our video clips have no sound track, some have free-to-air music, a few have classical music (which has copyright which means that adverts appear unbidden on them), and one (but which one?) has a commentary voiced by Richard. Which do you prefer?


Are there any places you would like us to do a report about?


We are very interested in what you think of what we write, be it positive or negative. Please use the CONTACT US page to get in touch with us.


We look forward to hearing from you!



Di & Richard (& Titania )

If you use Facebook please 'like' our Access-Out-There page to follow us.

We will use it to let you know when a new reports and updates appear here on !

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