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We visited Ardentinny one sunny August day in 2016 while we were staying up in Argyle for a few days.  For this visit we were joined out there by Maggi, Jim and Gypsy the collie who kept us rounded up. Ardentinny is a small village on the shores of Loch Long on the West of Scotland. One mile north of the village just beyond the entrance to Glenfinart Caravan Park is the parking area to part of Forestry and Land Scotland’s Argyll Forest Park.


The Forest Park here at here at Ardentinny sits beside the shore of Loch Long.  There is parking aplenty, shaded in the trees.  Picnic benches are dotted among the trees overlooking the Loch and a sandy beach slopes gently down to the water.  A perfect place for a dog intent on chasing sticks into the wavelets though not so easy for Titania to get down to the water’s edge. 


Titania doesn’t like sand much anyway much preferring woodland walks.  At Ardentinny there are 3 walks to choose from: a short easy “Riverside Trail” beside Glenfinart Burn; a moderate longer “Laird’s Trail” along the shoreline of Finart Bay; and a strenuous “Birchwood trail” which apparently climbs through the woodland above Lover’s leap. We opted for the easy option today making a promise to return another time to enjoy the Laird’s Trail (a promise as yet unfulfilled).

We took the path away from the loch-side to the burn. The water was a beautiful reddish peaty colour glistening in the summer sun. Following the burn upstream along a firm path which on a soggy Scottish day had the potential to be a bit muddy in places but today was an easy push, we were rewarded with beautiful views of the river through the tree lined trail. After about half a mile we came to the end of the wooded walk, arriving at some Titania unfriendly steps.  


A nearby sloped path provided a better alternative to the steps. It was steepish but short and with a bit of extra umph Titania and Richard found themselves up on the little road which crossed the burn.

The return trip was along this access road back to the forest car park. There was no  footpath but there were few cars so it just required a little care and alertness.


Ardentinny is a beautiful woodland location with beach and loch. There are  picnic tables and loos and it is a wonderful peaceful place to spend the afternoon.  This part of the UK is red squirrel country so it is worth keeping a keen eye out in the trees.  Gypsy is not very good at helping spot squirrels so if like us you do not spot the squirrels you are still quite likely to see interesting bird and insect life.   We certainly enjoyed our afternoon by Loch Long. Even just sitting beside the Loch watching the world turn was wonderful ...


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Richard & Di

11 May 2020   


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