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On the third day of our holiday week out there in October 2015 we went to Mevagissey.  A different sort of day with no country side walk, but everyone on holiday in Cornwall goes round the little picturesque fishing villages like Mevagissey don’t they? 

It wasn’t a peak holiday time but there were still a lot of people driving into and walking round the town. We drove through the narrow streets looking for a good place to park.  A bit of homework done in advance would have told us there are five car parks of varying sizes in the village.  We only spotted a couple of them and, after driving a couple of slow circuits, we ended up at the larger one which was also the first we had found.  Mevagissey is not a large place so none of the car parks are more than a few minutes from the harbour.


The FreeWheel was attached to Titania even though there were no woodland tracks to be negotiated.  A good decision as it turned out as it made the cobbled streets we encountered easier to traverse.

We found our way to the harbour .. oh and by the way there were parking spaces here which we could have used had we been brave enough to wend our way there in the car.  However, I imagine at peak times in Mevagissey you’d be really lucky to find one of these parking spaces free.


We walked through the streets towards the harbour and then round to the  end of the harbour wall and looked out over the waves and rainbow-festooned hillside. 

Then (finally remembering to turn on Titania’s eye) we turned round and worked our way round the whole harbour. The paved surface was flat, slightly rutted in places and of course wet in places where the waves (and occasional rainfall) splashed over the path. And, being a harbour, there was, in most places, an unprotected drop into the water if we went too close to the edge. (always worth being wary of if you are on wheels!)  As we left the walls at the mouth of the harbour we found the path also serves as a narrow road, so there were potentially cars and vans to be avoided as we wandered around the perimeter.

Following this road we found ourselves back in the village at the harbour front, with people bustling about the buildings.  There were plenty of temptations to sidetrack us, museums, amusements, pubs, pasties, Cornish ice-creams, and plenty more, but we pushed on.

Eventually we emerged from the buildings back on to the other side of the harbour wall.  A steepish ramp which needed a bit of a run up got us onto the last part of the wall so we were looking back over the mouth of the harbour to where we had started this walk.

On the return trip into the village we allowed ourselves to be tempted by “the best pasty in Cornwall”.  It was good too, sitting in the hot sun, which had decided to show itself for half an hour, munching our pasties, overlooking the harbour. Ah..a Cornish memory everyone can relate to!


Eventually we wove between the cars on the streets back to the car park so we could go off to find another piece of Cornish heaven....

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Richard & Di

2nd  June 2016

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